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Stan AndersonStan Anderson

Stan Anderson is a multi-instrumentalist & composer.

"Born in Essex, England, in 1976 or 1977 (the exact year has not been properly registered), Stanley Francis Anderson is one of the greatest living mysteries of the music industry. His real identity is carefully concealed. He's been crafting instrumental tunes for almost 30 years now, which have been used as background music in more than 1700 productions. Including some very obscure ones." (Rolling Cobblestone Magazine, 2016)

"The hidden god of elevator music." (Rock & Folklore, 2004)

Released on CBS Records:
- Apocalypse (2018, #SA003/1)
- Redemption (2016, #SA002/1)
- Rebirth (2012 #SA001/1)

"Sign Of The Cross", from "Apocalypse" (2018, CC BY-NC 3.0)